These are instructions on to get Extended installed and setup with MonoGame.


NuGet packages

Extended is distributed via NuGet packages. You can add the NuGet package to your C# project through your IDE of choice (Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Rider, etc) or through the Command Line Interface (CLI) using the dotnet command.

dotnet add package MonoGame.Extended

Referencing the Content Pipeline


The MonoGame Content Pipeline is being phased out with Extended; in the future, you won't need to deal with the Content Pipeline. For more information see this GitHub issue.

To use some features of Extended you'll need to install the Content Pipeline Nuget package.

dotnet add package MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline

This package is not included as part of the base Extended package and must be installed separately. It won't add any build artifacts to your project; instead it will install the dependencies that are intended to be referenced from the MonoGame Content Pipeline tool.

You'll need to manually add the reference to your content file (usually Content.mgcb) using one of the following methods.

Using the MonoGame Pipeline GUI

To add the reference using the Pipeline GUI tool follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Content node in the root of the tree.
  2. In the properties window, modify the References property.
  3. Find and add the MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll. It's usually located in the packages folder of your solution. The default location of the packages folder in .NET Core is C:\Users\[User]\.nuget\packages.

Using a text editor

An alternative way to add the reference is by manually editing the Content.mgcb file in a text editor or Visual Studio. Look for the references section and update it like this:

#-------------------------------- References --------------------------------#

The MonoGame.Extended.dll and the MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll come as a pair. Always make sure the version referenced by your game matches the version referenced by the Pipeline tool.


That's it! Once you've setup Extended you can start using it to make your games even more awesome.